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Paver & Patio Cleaning

Over time, exterior "hard surfaces" become discolored with dirt, mold, mildew, algae, chewing gum, stains, tree sap and more.  The change from "new" to "dirty" happens slowly and therefore, many people do not even realize how dirty things have become.  Cleaning exterior surfaces such as concrete patios/walkways/pool aprons/sidewalks, pavers, brick walkways, etc. can make a dramatic appearance in "curb appeal".

Paver restoration, which includes a thorough cleaning of concrete pavers, including removal of the existing sand and debris from the paver joints and then resanding those cleaned-out joints. We also offer paver sealing with only the top of the line products.

Depending on how your concrete pavers were initially installed, when resanding the joints, it can be accomplished with either polymeric sand (which hardens and helps prevent weed growth, insect borrowing and the general washing away of joint sand) or regular "play" sand. 

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